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The Pequannock Township School District preK-12 district curricula are designed to align to New Jersey State learning standards and instructional best practices. The district curriculum contains what students should know and be able to do (skills and content), how it is taught (instruction and methodology) and how it is measured (assessments).
Recently New Jersey has adopted the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, NJSLS (previously the Common Core State Standards and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards) Detailed  information is available at
New Jersey has also released the new curricular frameworks for English Language Arts and mathematics. The purpose of the framework is to assist all districts and schools with a tool to guide curriculum and instructional practices. The frameworks provide guidance for the logical sequence to build foundation skills throughout the year with the goal of mastering the grade level standards. Each framework contains knowledge and skills that focus on what students need to know and be able to do. The Pequannock Township School District continues to modify all curricula to provide all students with a logical, comprehensive, articulated curriculum preK-12.

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