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Department of Curriculum & Instruction

The goal of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is to lead and inspire teachers to develop focused, relevant, engaging, and collaborative lessons that promote inquiry among all students. Our curriculum, instruction, and assessment are rooted in research aligned to standards promoting high quality instructional practices, elevating student engagement, and expecting high achievement.

The instructional program is designed so that students can independently: 

  • examine and solve relevant problems by identifying, exploring, analyzing, and evaluating current practice and future solutions while considering diverse perspectives;

  • creatively apply knowledge and skills to develop innovative approaches and solutions; 

  • use and select tools and resources to make informed decisions;

  • demonstrate empathy and cultural awareness when communicating and collaborating; 

  • respond to change and obstacles with persistence, adaptability, and flexibility; 

  • act with integrity and ethically in all contexts. 

To achieve that, the following will occur:

  • curriculum development done in a collaborative environment in which all those involved have the opportunity to contribute to the instructional goals, learning objectives, and assessment of student learning;  

  • collaboration between the C&I supervisor team, teachers, and staff that encourages reflection and risk taking within their teaching practice; 

  • the establishment of rigorous goals promoting student growth and learning;

  • conversations and reflection regarding instructional practices;

  • analysis and evaluation of current assessment data on an ongoing basis; 

  • aligning of the most effective instructional resources and strategies for all learners.

As part of our dedication to 21st century readiness, we remain committed to the 1:1 chromebook program that puts devices into the hands of every student and, integral to using these tools, is the emphasis on digital citizenship, information and media literacy so that our students become responsible users and consumers of these and other devices and information. 

Whether choosing college or career, our goal is to prepare all students for the challenges and demands of the 21st century.  

Instruction in the Post-Pandemic Environment

We will continue to modify curriculum, instruction, and assessments in order to accelerate learning for all students as we continue to emerge from the challenges resulting from the pandemic. Instructional practices will emphasize priority learning standards, focusing on depth, rather than breadth of coverage and adapting our classroom practices to accommodate each learner. We will continue to stress the mastery of skills and standards essential to that content area. Our goal is to accelerate, not remediate learning. 

Not only are we committed to the academic needs of students, but to their social emotional needs as well.  In order for students to optimally perform in the classroom, they must feel connected to their school, to their teacher, and to their peers. Utilizing programs such as Caring School Communities and Effective School Solutions, our aim is to check in on student’s perceptions of their well-being and readiness for learning. In addition to these programs, our Guidance and Student Services Departments are working closely with our teachers and administrators to create positive, safe, and welcoming learning environments for all staff and students and to address needs when they arise. 

Curriculum Staff

Elizabeth Sheridan

Titles: Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Phone Numbers:
School: 973-616-6040

Jill Marotta

Titles: Supervisor of Math & Allied Health, PreK-12
Phone Numbers:
School: 973-616-6050 ext. 3022

Jennifer Mildner

Titles: Assistant Principal, Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts
Phone Numbers:
School: 973-616-6000

Brian Silipena

Titles: Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, Supervisor of Health & PE, K-12
Phone Numbers:
School: 973-616-6000

Oona Abrams

Titles: Supervisor of English Language Arts and Media Services, PreK-12, Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
School: 973-616-6050 ext. 3023

Edward Kopp

Titles: Supervisor of Science, STEM, & Aviation PreK-12
Phone Numbers:
School: 973-616-6050 ext. 3020

Daniel O'Keefe

Titles: Supervisor of Social Studies, World Language, ELL & Business, PreK-12
Phone Numbers:
School: 973-616-6050 ext. 3024

Deirdre Tahan

Titles: Administrative Assistant to the Directors
Phone Numbers:
School: 973-616-6040 ext. 1011