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District Curriculum

A summary of district curricula can be found by accessing the syllabus by content area. The course syllabus provides an overview of each class, the New Jersey Student Learning Standards addressed, the course scope and sequence, the types of assessments that may be used to measure student learning, curriculum resources used, and suggestions for a home and school extensions for learning. 

While the syllabus reflects a summary of the course, new resources are often sought out in order to keep the course current and engaging for the students. In addition, teachers use an array of assessments to measure student growth, some of which may not be listed in the attached syllabus.  PTSD is required to include the NJDOE legislative mandates into all K-12 curriculum guides.

Specific questions regarding the content, resources, or assessments taught in your child's classroom should first be directed to the classroom teacher. If questions remain, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Sheridan, Director of Curriculum & Instruction. 

Allied Health Academy


Library Media Services

Phys. Education / Health

STEM Academy

Elementary PAWS


English / Language Arts


Related Arts

World Language

Aviation Academy

Social Studies

Music / Performing Arts


Technology / STEM