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Gifted & Talented Enrichment

In compliance with N.J.A.C 6A:8-3.1, Pequannock Township School District provides enrichment opportunities for students seeking to engage in additional activities and learning opportunities beyond that of the general curriculum. 

The NJDOE defines gifted students as: "Those students who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability, in one or more content areas, when compared to their chronological peers in the local district and who require modification of their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities." 

Pequannock Township School District provides K-12  “instructional adaptation” through adjustment and/or modification to instruction enabling a student who is gifted and talented to participate in, benefit from, and demonstrate knowledge and application of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in one or more content areas at the instructional level of the student, not just the student’s grade level.

The process to identify K - 12 gifted and talented students includes multiple measures in order to identify student strengths in intellectual ability, creativity, or a specific academic area. The identification process shall include consideration of all students, including those who are English language learners and those with Individualized Education Plans or 504 Plans.

Identification of Elementary Gifted & Talented Students

For students in grades K - 5, students are identified through a variety of assessments to determine eligibility to participate in Social Studies, Science, ELA, and Math enrichment:

  • NJSLA assessment data

  • IReady diagnostic and benchmark assessments

  • LinkIt! benchmark assessments.

  • Marking period grades

  • Renzulli - Hartman Behavior Characteristics Scales

  • InView Cognitive Skills Index

  • Teacher recommendation 

Upon the analysis of this data, parents are then notified of their child's eligibility and will make the final determination whether their child participates in the before school enrichment program. Participation is not required. 

It is important to note that each student's academic journey can take many paths, most of which are not linear. Student growth and development can ebb and flow depending on many factors. Therefore, eligibility to participate in the program may change from year to year and from subject to subject. 

For more information about the Gifted & Talented program for grades K-5, please contact your child's teacher or principal. 

Identification of Middle & High School Students

The following data is used to assess student placement in enriched, honors, or Advanced Placement courses:

  • NJSLA Assessments

  • Marking period and final exam grades

  • LinkIt! Benchmarks

  • Teacher recommendation

  • IReady diagnostic 

  • Student self-reflection

  • Written narratives 

Recommendations for enriched, honors, or AP placement occurs primarily through conversations with the guidance counselors, parents, and the students. At PV Middle School, students meeting the G&T criteria, can enroll in Enrichment ELA and Math. At Pequannock Township High School, students can enroll in Honors or Advanced Placement courses. Additionally, students can engage in enrichment activities in enriched music and art both at PV and PTHS. 

Timeline for Identification and Notification 

  • April/May - Grades 2 & 4 complete the InView Cognitive Skills Assessment
  • August - data is collected from LinkIt! and entered into Realtime. 
  • September - student list is generated from the data and students are assessed with the Renzulli Hartman Scale. 
  • October - students meeting the eligibility criteria for Tier III gifted and talented support are identified and a letter is sent home notifying the parents. Enrollment begins.   
  • October / early November - Before school enrichment activities begin. 
  • May - Before school enrichment activities end. 

For more information about the enriched courses,  please contact your child's principal or guidance counselor.  

Appeal Process

The Pequannock Township School District will address concerns or questions of those with a legitimate interest in the Gifted & Talented services provided in the District. The selection process as outlined by the NJDOE, N.J.S.A. 18A:35-34 et seq., stipulates that multiple measures and criteria are set when identifying students into the various G&T programs. 

Any concerns should be first addressed with the building principal of your child’s school. If the concern is not resolved, students and/or parents/guardians should contact the Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Elizabeth Sheridan.  If unsatisfied with the outcome of these decisions, students &/or parents/guardians may wish to file a written complaint with the Board of Education and send their request to Dr. Michael Portas, Superintendent 538 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 or email at

Procedures for appeals

  1. The matter will be reviewed and resolved, whenever possible, by informal discussions with the interested parties;

  2. If a matter cannot be resolved informally, successive levels of authority will review the matter and arrive at a decision, communicated in writing to the interested parties; 

  3. A reasonable period of time, not to exceed ten (10) working days, will be permitted for the filing of an appeal in writing at each successive level. Decisions at each level will be issued in writing no later than twenty (20) working days after the appeal is first filed. 

An individual who believes the district has not complied with the provisions of N.J.S.A. 18A:35-34 et seq. (Strengthening Gifted & Talented Act) may file a complaint with the Board of Education. The Board shall issue a decision, in writing, to affirm, reject, or modify the district’s action in the matter.  The individual may then file a petition of appeal of the Board’s written decision to the Commissioner of Education through the Office of Controversies and Disputes in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:6-9 and the procedures set forth in State Board of Education regulations.