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The 2023-24 school year represents an opportunity for us to continue to move forward with ambitious goals for academic growth for our students and the staff members who lead them. As we push our students to strive for greater levels of achievement, we do so with an understanding of the support needed to create the best possible learning environment.

Our investment in technology remains strong, as we integrate resources that have been part of our instructional design for years with tools we learned to use during the pandemic response as well as emerging technologies such as AI.

A new addition to our support network is the introduction of behavior threat assessment teams at each school. Under the direction of our school safety specialist and director of security, these teams allow for collaboration among our professionals in the mental health support area with teachers, administrators and security personnel in order to proactively address students’ needs.

Ultimately our emphasis on mental health, safety, technology, and student learning needs would not be successful without the support of our Pequannock Township Community. Our close knit community continues to work together to ensure that our students have the best experiences possible, and that our staff members feel valued for their hard work.

We remain Panther strong, and will build on strength gained through the struggles of recent years. Let's continue to be great together!

Michael Portas, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools