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The 2022-23 school year marks an enormous step forward in establishing a better version of normal. We have learned a great deal from the pandemic response experience, and are committed to providing the best learning opportunities for our students and staff.

We have a renewed sense of purpose in applying data to determine our students’ current progress and to address any learning gaps.  Our focus is on maximizing resources as part of a recursive process that incorporates curriculum, teaching practice, and learning as demonstrated through well-designed assessments.

The district will continue to implement safety standards to ensure the health of our school community and look at how we can improve our facilities to best address the needs of our community of learners.

We remain Panther strong, and have built strength through the struggles of the past few years. The Pequannock Township School District will continue to find innovative ways to provide support, collaborate, and grow.

Let's continue to be great together!

Michael Portas
Superintendent of Schools