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#HealthyPequannock Initiative

The goal of this program is to encourage staff members to participate in wellness incentive programs that will not only promote healthy habits, but also provide up to $490 in base rewards.

District NJWELL Bonus Incentive

If our district is able to meet the 25% successful participation rate set by Horizon for the NJWELL program, the district will realize a 1% savings on the district’s insurance premium. We are prepared to split that savings with successful participants, which includes all employees who are on a district benefits health plan. 

Based on our enrollment data, we will likely need 62 employees to complete the NJWELL program successfully for 23-24 in order for us to hit the 25% target. 1% of the district’s insurance premium is about $60k, which means that an additional $30k would be shared with successful participants.

De, Portas will preset Power PDs at each school to support interested staff members, and we also have NJWELL peer ambassadors available at most schools.

As of December 21, we currently have ## of a target of 65 goal of successful participants. We will track our progress on this page; unfortunately Horizon only provides us an end-of-year report so we will need successful participants to let Dr. Portas know  that they've met their goal, and he will update the thermometer. Have fun!

NJWELL (Wellness Program - $250/year)

From a 2018 presentation or the Horizon website: “The NJWELL program is a great way to make meaningful changes to your wellness habits with program enhancements for eligible members and their covered spouses/partners. NJWELL can help you achieve holistic well-being including:

●       Physical fitness

●       Emotional balance

●       Preventive care

●       Social connection

●       Financial security

Earn 800 points between November 1 and October 31 and you’ll get a Mastercard® Prepaid card worth $250 or more. The amount of your reward is based on your health plan.”

Significant others who are on your insurance are also eligible to earn a $250 gift card through their own login to the NJWELL program, but are not eligible for the district bonus.

HorizonbFit (Steps Program - $20/month)

From Horizon: “HorizonbFit rewards members for making their health and fitness a priority.

HorizonbFit is Horizon BCBSNJ’s fitness incentive program. After members enroll, they become eligible to receive a $20 reward for every month in which they make at least 12 visits to any of our 4,000 participating facilities across the United States. That’s up to $240 a year in rewards!

Enrolling is free and easy for eligible members at HorizonbFit .com. Once there, members can:

  1. Verify eligibility
  2. Select a participating facility or nominate one to be included
  3. Set up a secure account
  4. Select their preference for reporting visits”


Slide Deck from October 2023 PD