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Get Certified

It is important for high school students to be certified in CPR, AED, and First aid to be better prepared in the event of a medical emergency at school. Our high school currently only teaches basic CPR, AED, and First Aid during one marking period of health our senior year. Also, only a few staff members are actually certified. It would help the staff, students, first responders, and the community if students got their certification. This would also be beneficial to students beyond school. Many jobs for teenagers require or prefer CPR/AED certification like camp counselor, Boys and Girls Club, life guard, babysitter, etc.


CPR/AED/First Aid Training Websites:

School Safety Links:



  • Emergency: Call 911 

  • Pequannock Police Department: 973-835-1700

  • Pequannock Security: 973-616-6000

  • PTHS Office: 973-616-6000

**Webpage created by Grace Nelson, PTHS Class of 2022 for her Girl Scout Gold Award in 2021**